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posted Oct 24, 2012, 4:09 PM by LASP Team   [ updated Oct 29, 2012, 8:32 PM ]
Pedometer FREE
Did you know it is recommended that we take 10000 Steps a Day! How many do you take? This App will tell you
FREE Pedometer will work as you walk, run, or jog: outdoors or on your treadmill! The FREE Pedometer implements the same special algorithm that is used in hardware pedometers.

FREE Pedometer will measure: Steps, Distance, Workout time, Calories burned, Speed, and Pace.

• Allows you to log your body parameters every day.
• Enter your desired body parameters: Trace your progress (shown as a green line on the chart) and watch how quickly you reach your goal!
• The body tracker automatically calculates and interprets your BMI.
• View a detailed log of the changes in your body parameters over 7-, 30-, or 90-day periods.
• Export your body stats to CSV for processing on your PC. Share your progress with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email!

Download it for FREE from the App Store.