App of the Week

posted Feb 23, 2012, 1:08 PM by LASP Team   [ updated Feb 23, 2012, 3:18 PM ]
This weeks app of the week comes to you from the UK. iPhone Screenshot 2
Have you ever wanted to take one of your Physiotherapists home to help you do your exercise program or to remind you of your technique each time you do your exercise program??? Well this app might help you!
The Pocket Physio by UKSH is an easy to use guide to the physiotherapy exercises involved in preparing for and recovering from hip or knee replacement surgery. The Pocket Physio features both video and text instructions on pre- and post-operative exercises, allowing patients to prepare thoroughly for surgery and make a strong, speedy recovery supported by easy to follow video exercises. Users can also plan their exercise regime using the reminder function.

The Pocket Physio also features advice on walking with a frame or crutches, hip precautions, breathing exercises, managing pain and self-assessment, as well as recommended techniques for dressing, bathing and getting in and out of iPhone Screenshot 1vehicles.

Each exercise is explained and the goals clearly outlined, ensuring the patient is fully prepared and has an established exercise regime in place before surgery and is in a strong position to make a fast recovery after surgery.

UKSH is one of the largest providers of hip and knee replacement procedures in the South West of the UK, with excellent clinical outcomes, low infection rates and short lengths of stay.
But as always, please consult your GP or Physiotherapist prior to starting any new exercise regime.