App of the Week: Easy Diet Diary

posted Sep 27, 2013, 6:46 PM by LASP Team
Ryan, our resident Dietitian, has recommended the Easy Diet Diary App to those wanting to watch what they eat. He has even go Andy using it!
Manage your weight with Easy Diet Diary, the #1 free Australian Calorie Counter for iPhone. With over 50 000 Australian foods and over 400 exercise activities in its quality-controlled databases, Easy Diet Diary lets you track your food and exercise quickly and easily.

Enter foods by scanning their barodes or by searching the database. Add your own custom foods and recipes. Track your energy intake (in kilojoules or calories), major nutrients, the energy you burn in exercise, and your weight. If you like, you can send your diary to your dietitian to review in their FoodWorks® Professional software. 

Easy Diet Diary is from Xyris Software, makers of the trusted FoodWorks® range of nutrition software for Australian health professionals and food technologists.
Easy Diet Diary is a FREE app and can be downloaded from the App Store
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