Posture and Pain

posted Jun 12, 2012, 6:58 PM by LASP Team

Have you been told you have bad posture?

Posture is one of the largest causes of musculoskeletal pain, especially back, neck and shoulder pain. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most overlooked and neglected factors to help manage and prevent pain.

So what is poor posture?

Posture is a very broad area for discussion, but sitting posture seems to have the greatest impact on the body when adopted incorrectly. A person with poor posture has a neck and chin that pokes forward, shoulders that fall forward and down, and a lower back that looks flat and has lost its natural curve.

This position puts the spine and shoulder into a position of mechanical disadvantage, and can lead to headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain. Furthermore it can change the way you use the entire upper limb, which increases your risk of developing overuse conditions such as:

·         shoulder impingement syndrome,

·         tennis elbow

·         carpal tunnel syndrome.

Improving your posture can reduce your pain and reduce your risk of developing further upper limb injuries. The ideal posture is different for everyone, depending on the musculoskeletal pain that you are experiencing and the tasks you wish to do.

Sitting tall and regularly adjusting your posture is a good start and often the key to reducing pain. It is never too late to change your posture.

If you think you would benefit from a postural assessment, advice and some exercises to easily perform at home then contact our clinic on (02) 4647 3373 for a consultation with one of our friendly Physiotherapists.

Remember to Live, Perform and Be Well!