Ride2School Day - 23rd March

posted Mar 20, 2012, 6:26 PM by LASP Team

National Ride2School Day is THIS Friday 23rd March.

Children are designed to be active. Physically active children are healthier, happier and more socially connected than children that have more sedentary lifestyles.

In recent decades, changes in Australian lifestyles have led to children getting less exercise in their normal day. In the 1970’s, 80% of Australian school children rode or walked to school. Today only 20% of school children get to school by bike or foot, with the rest travelling to school in the back seat of a car.

National Ride2School Day provides an opportunity for Australian students, parents and teachers to give riding, walking, skating or scooting to school a go, while celebrating the regular walkers and wheelers.

On this day, an active journey to school is normal and the entire school community gets behind it. It is a chance to celebrate on a large scale and to prove it can be done. After showing it’s achievable on this day school communities are encouraged to keep the momentum going throughout the entire year.

For more information about how you and your school can get involved with Ride2School Day, visit the Bicycle Network website.