Running the City2Surf

posted Jun 12, 2012, 7:24 PM by LASP Team

So the time has come to pull out the running shoes once again, push out some last minute training and join another 80,000 people on the grueling run (or walk) from Sydney CBD’s Hyde Park to the picturesque Bondi Beach.

Who Can Enter?
Anyone from any age or level of fitness can enter.  Check out the City 2 Surf website for online entry and further information.
When Should I start Training?
It is never too late to start, however you must pace yourself to avoid any overuse injuries to those lower limb muscles, tendons & joints.
What can Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy do for your City 2 Surf Goals?
Any one of our qualified Physiotherapists or exercise scientists can help you achieve your running goals. We can address your fitness levels, assist in preventing or helping you recover from those niggling running injuries, as well as tailoring an individualised running program to help you beat last years time.

If you have any questions or would like us to help you achieve that running goal, please contact us on (02) 46473373 or via our Facebook Page.

So come and join David, Matthew and Kate (along with those staff that can be persuaded to enter) push their way to the finish line.

Live, Perform and Be Well!


If you can’t run in the City2Surf this year, why not sponsor someone who can?

One of our Physiotherapists, Matthew, is again running the City2Surf for the Arnotts Foundation, raising money for Camp Quality.

If you would like to sponsor Matthew go to