Understanding Pain & What to do about it in less than 5 minutes

posted Feb 5, 2012, 3:57 PM by LASP Team   [ updated Feb 7, 2012, 3:16 AM by Murray Ryan ]

"Everyone agrees that pain is a universal human experience.

We now know that pain is 100% of the time produced by the brain. This includes all pain- no matter how it feels –sharp, dull, strong or mild and no matter how long you’ve had it.

You might’ve  had it for a few weeks or months- this is called acute pain or you might’ve had it for three months or more and this pain is generally called persistent or chronic because in this type of pain- tissue damage is not the main issue.

What’s less clear though is when you’re told you have chronic pain”-is knowing what’s best to do about it?"

This FANTASTIC video below produced by Hunter Integrated Pain Service helps you to understand your pain and gives you advice about what YOU can do about it in less than 5 minutes! (make sure to turn up your speakers).