Why Choose Us ?

You can Be Well now.  We have helped children, parents & grandparents - families just like yours - live better lives and improve sports performance for over 20 years.

Our clients would tell you too.  Our clients consistently recommend us to their family & friends and choose to see us for injury management, prevention & rehabilitation.

Our treatments are effective.  Research shows that the investment you make in your health with physiotherapy is effective and saves you money over the course of your therapy.

Prevention. At Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy, we are dedicated to not only helping you to rehabilitate your current injury, but will also offer you advice and programs to help prevent further injuries.

We offer more than just physiotherapy.  Our physiotherapy services are complimented by access to exercise physiologists and a dietitian. We can also prescribe custom shoe orthotics and a large range of sports medicine and health rehabilitation equipment. Our referral network includes a range of recognised medical specialists both locally and across Sydney.

We are professionally accredited. Our physiotherapists are all members of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. Our practice has achieved 'Quality in Practice Accreditation' - one of a handful of physiotherapy practices across Australia to achieve this standard. This guarantees you will be treated in a professional and hygienic environment every visit.

We care about our environment.  We feel so strongly about this that we developed our own paperless document system.

We pride ourselves on being a point of difference from others. We aim to offer our client's the ultimate physiotherapy experience every time they enter our doors.

Our staff. At Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy, we are committed to continually learning and are constantly updating our skills with both in-house education programs and external courses. This allows our staff to remain up to date with the current research to help you rehabilitate your injury and put prevention programs in place.

What to expect. A comprehensive assessment will be completed in order to make a clinical diagnosis. This is followed by a recommended treatment plan that takes into consideration the person as a whole, including their injury, work, sport, hobbies and lifestyle.