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Exercise Physiology

Strength & Conditioning | Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy

Recovery, performance, prevention . . . 

  • Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy has formed a unique alliance with Sydney Sports Exercise Physiology who specialise in the field of health and fitness.

  • Exercise Physiologists work in conjunction with your GP and Physiotherapist to help you recover and get back on your feet sooner by designing an individualised exercise program to meet your needs and personal goals.

  • Exercise Physiologists can assist with weight loss by collaborating with your dietitian to develop an individualised lifestyle/weight loss program.

  • Sydney Sports & Exercise Physiology have experience in creating exercise programs for the gym, fitness centres, home based exercise programs, swimming pools, and programs aimed at improving functional capacity.

  • Exercise Physiology services also include:

    • Injury Rehabilitation & Prevention Programs

    • Strength & Conditioning

    • VO2 Max testing

    • Anaerobic & Lactate Threshold Testing

    • Sports Performance

    • Skin Fold Testing

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