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Physical Therapy Session


Sports Injury
  • Physiotherapists use a range of treatment options to manage a wide variety of injuries, pain and movement disorders. Treatment modalities may include exercise rehabilitation, manual therapy (massage, mobilisation or manipulation), retraining of movement, taping or splinting.

  • Physiotherapists can provide guidelines on managing your training/sport/work loading patterns in relation to your injury.

  • Physiotherapists conduct a comprehensive assessment based upon your history and treatment goal, to design an individualised program suitable for you. This can include a significant component of education about your concern, and strategies to self-manage.

  • Physiotherapists are skilled in the application and removal of casts, and can provide you with advice and guidance with tapes, braces, walking aids etc.

  • Our physiotherapists will coordinate your care with your GP, specialist, personal trainer, coach or family as required.

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