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Game Ready Cold Compression System

Game Ready is an advanced cooling plus compression system designed to assist with pain relief and swelling to facilitate your recovery following surgery or acute musculo-skeletal injury.  Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy has a Game Ready system available in our Narellan clinic for treatment. Lifestyle & Sports Physiotherapy is also a fitting centre for Performance Health which supplies rental units for use following major injury or surgery.



Information for Performance Health Rental Game Ready Units

Getting the most from your Game Ready  . . . .

Prime your unit before use each day. This means running the unit for one minute, on no pressure, with the wrap connected, but not fitted to your body. You only need to do this once at the start of the day.

DO NOT overfill with water – there is a guideline within the water tank reservoir. Using minimal water will ensure you do not have to replace the ice too frequently.

Use the Game Ready unit frequently throughout the day. Shorter and more frequent sessions (Eg. 10-20 minute sessions every 1-2 hours across the day) are likely to be more effective than single sessions.

Use a temperature and pressure that feels tolerable and comfortable. People’s tolerance to cold and pressure varies significantly. Start with a warmer temperature and lower pressure initially. With repeated sessions you can determine you preferred pressure setting (low, medium or high) and target tissue temperature.

The following videos are provided by Game Ready to assist with use of the system and application of the various wraps. More information is available at the Game Ready Help Centre.

Game Ready Unit Demonstration Video
Shoulder Wrap Demonstration Video
Elbow Wrap Demonstration Video
Wrist Wrap Demonstration Video
Hip/Groin Wrap Demonstration Video
Knee Wrap Demonstration Video
Ankle Wrap Demonstration Video
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