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Our friendly team of qualified and experienced Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists and Dieticians provide a range of unique and tailored services to help you Live better, Perform stronger and Be Well! 

Training with Fit Ball

Injury Prevention

Reach your goals and reduce the likelihood of injury with our physical health screenings, diet assessments, & tailored strength and conditioning programs.

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Physical Therapy

Post-Operative Rehabilitation 

From acute pain management, to rebuilding 

strength, confidence and performance, our experienced team coordinate tailored post-surgery rehabilitation programs.


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Athletic Performance

Reach your optimal athletic performance with our physical health screenings, diet assessments, & tailored strength and conditioning programs.

We work with elite and high performing athletes.

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Chronic Pain Management

Comprehensive assessment and management of chronic pain conditions, incl. back & neck pain, 

cervicogenic headache & tempero-mandibular joint pain (TMJ). We coordinate programs together with your GP and other health providers.

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Yoga Class

Diabetes & Osteoporosis 

Diet, exercise and movement are vital components to managing diabetes and osteoporosis conditions. We work together with your GP and specialist health providers to coordinate the best program for your needs.

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Leg Injury

Fracture Casting & Bracing

With the direction from your GP or specialist we can remove or apply plaster and fibreglass casts to manage fractures. We offer waterproof lining options as well as stock a full range of boots and braces for other ligament injuries.

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Child Physiotherapy

Sports Taping

Providing same day sports taping for events and game day urgencies. Also offer sports taping for injury support and management. LASP conduct regular sports taping courses for local clubs and trainers as well as instructional taping videos.


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Diet Plan

Weight Management

Using a coordinated approach that considers dietary habits, physical activity and overall health, our dieticians create tailored programs to help you reach your goals and be your best healthy self!

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Healthy Food

Diet & Nutrition

Reach your goals, optimise your training and be your best healthy self with our tailored nutritional plans from our accredited dietician. Our team are experienced in gut health management, eating disorders and overall health and wellbeing.

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Find the right service for you!

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