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Pre-Season Baseball Training

Baseball season is fast approaching which means pre-season training starts soon (recommended 6-8 weeks prior)!

You may have been active over the winter months with a winter sport, however the body force loads for baseball with batting and throwing are very unique.

Baseball pitching is described as the fastest rotational movement a human can generate at the shoulder !

Avoid an early season injury or poor performance by starting your Baseball specific preparation now! That means a throwing program, mixed with some batting and fielding drills.

Catchers need to also spend some time in their catching position to rebuild this specific leg strength, and throw from this position.

Pitchers should avoid pitching off the mound early with their training due to increased shoulder/elbow forces associated with this.

2-3 sessions per week with recovery days between sessions is an ideal starting point.

A throwing program that builds in distance and intensity over the course of 6 weeks sets a base for the season ahead.

Additionally, all elite throwers maintain a healthy throwing shoulder through regular 'prehab' strength and mobility drills for their shoulder, trunk and legs.

Tailored Pre-Season Training Program

Learn more about a specific individual pre-season strength, mobility and training program from our knowledgeable exercise physiologists.

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