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How to Avoid Back & Neck Pain At Work

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Do you suffer from back pain after a long day at the office?

Do you have a stiff neck from using the phone or computer too long?

When we use devices we become sedentary for long periods of time. This is often the cause of many aches and pains, and why we can often feel stiff and sore.

A simple remedy: Let's get moving some more!

Here are 3 Ways you can Avoid Back & Neck Pain at Work:

1. Movement 'Snacks'

Regular 'movement snacks' for your body across the day are helpful for interrupting your body from being still.

Ideally stand up and move around. Rotate your neck, move your arms and shoulders. If you are tied to your computer/desk then move at the desk as best you can. Something is better than nothing !

Pair movement with a recurring task, for example stand up and go for a walk if you are on a phone call. Motivate yourself by tracking your steps per day using your mobile phone, smart watch or an inexpensive pedometer.

2. Change - Up Posture

There is no perfect posture your body is built for the whole day. Regular changes in your posture across the working day is key!

Sit tall, slouch for a while. Sit on the front of your chair, then deep into the chair. If you have the option, stand for a while. In standing you can alter your feet positions and stance.

Good ergonomic environments allow for regular posture changes with ease eg. an adjustable seat and monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse gives you a lot of freedom. An adjustable height desk for standing gives even more options.

3. Exercise Regularly

Regular movement and exercise is a key preventative of many injuries and important for our overall health.

This can vary from walking to cardio workouts like swimming, running, cycling and many more!

Strength workouts at the gym or simple home based circuits are also incredibly helpful.

Housework, gardening and playing with your children/grandchildren all count toward a healthy diet of movement and exercise.

Consistency is key, so choose things you enjoy doing, that can fit into your busy schedule. Finding an exercise/training partner or joining a group can help with motivation and enjoyment. Set a goal and tell someone else about it !

Persistent Neck & Back Pain

If you find your pain persists, there may be another underlying cause or some specific strategies that can help.

Don't hesitate - get in contact with our experienced physiotherapists who can help you move better sooner!

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