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Improve your speed by up to 33% with these 3 steps

Is your speed holding your back from elite team selection?

Do you lack the power to accelerate quickly and don't know why?

Do you find your current speed exercises just aren't working?

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The truth is unless you build these 3 pillars for speed development, no amount of drills and exercises will get you the results you really want!

So what are these 3 pillars?

Develop your Relative Force Production. Source: Wix Images

1. Relative Force Production

This is the force production relative to your body weight which allows you to exert maximum power.

So for example if Athlete A is 90kg and can squat 130kg, and Athlete B is 70kg and can also squat 130kg, then Athlete B has a higher relative force production.

This can mean the difference of up to 20kg during acceleration and maximum velocity per foot strike!

That's huge! and usually what separates average athletes to the elite ones.

3 ways you can improve this include harnessing the power of plyometrics, triphasic training and absolute strength development with compound lifts.

Ask our expert exercise physiologists to complete a biometric assessment of your strength and power and help guide you with the right exercises and training programs to optimise your power! Contact Us

Develop your Acceleration Mechanics. Source: Wix Images

2. Acceleration Mechanics

This is usually what separates and determines which athletes get selected for elite teams and qualifying events - It's all in the acceleration power!

Here's an example: if 2 athletes are equally matched in all other aspects of a race besides the start, the athlete with the better acceleration and start mechanics will finish the race first.

Then you wonder why Usain Bolt is just so damn good!

To increase your start explosiveness you'll need to work on your acceleration mechanics.

This comes down to stance, start and first steps. Getting your body in the most efficient position to optimise and build speed comes down to the biomechanics and angles of your body, and well some simple physics too!

Generating force from both your legs as well as minimising unnecessary motion in your body in the first few steps is crucial to, and this comes down to optimal start positioning.

Learn about your body mechanics and how to optimise your start positioning and explosive power with our Exercise Physiologists guidance. Through strength and power testing, our EPs can determine areas of improvement to help you achieve your goals! Contact Us

Develop your Maximum Velocity Mechanics. Source: Wix Images

3. Maximum Velocity Mechanics

Do you suffer from hamstring tears?

Faulty mechanics that cause you to have to slow down earlier?

Is your running style causing you to exert more energy than needed?

This all comes down to your frontside and backside mechanics. If you can properly shift your contact with the ground more towards your front of your body, you'll be able to produce more force and run faster.

Numerous studies from around the world confirm this. Studies show that force created during frontside of ground contact is 2,000 newtons (or about 204kg), whereas forced created during backside contact is only 1,000 newtons (or about 102kgs) - exactly 100% less the force created!

Optimise your frontside contact force by focusing on consistent, effective drills that isolate this component. Most athletes run backside dominant, so learning proper techniques and motor patterns is critical!

This might mean re-learning how to run more frontside.

Our experienced Exercise Physiologists can assess your running mechanics and help adjust your motor patterns so your body can optimise force created from frontside contact and minimise bad running habits that will slow you down. Contact Us

Next Steps

Get in contact with our expert Exercise Physiologists at our Narellan or Gregory Hills clinics for a biomechanics assessment today!

Testing your strength and power and creating the optimal program of exercises to help you perform at your best!

LASP have helped many elite athletes optimise their training and achieve their goals in a range of different sports, including: Athletics, AFL, Cricket, Rugby League, Soccer, Triathlons, Basketball, Netball and many more!

Book an appointment with one of our Exercise Physiologists today!

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